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- Rob Labig | RL DRUM STUDIO

I love my website. Celeste styled my site to look exactly right for my business while analyzing every function that my website needed to perform.

She created design solutions using ideas, content, and features that I would never have considered on my own.

I couldn't be more pleased and I HIGHLY recommend her work.

northerncrowndesign - waverlystone.png

- Margaret Westerlund | WAVERLY STONE PUB

Celeste packed so much information into our Strategy Call!

She showed me how to create a website strategy.

This included the importance of integrating colors that would draw attention to specific items, words that encouraged action, and how to really communicate our message.

I was excited to get input from an expert on some real, actionable steps I could take to improve our bounce rate and SEO for our restaurant website. I'm still working through the list of action items, and our site looks even better than before!

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Anyone can build a website, but not everyone can execute it with so much intelligence, style, vision, and functionality.

Celeste didn’t just build me a website, she helped my business reach a new plane of professionalism and class.

Working with her was a HUGE LEVEL UP.

northerncrowndesign - kylamarshell.png

- Kyla Marshell | CREATIVE WRITER

Working with Celeste Herron was an absolute delight.

She devoted such clear time and attention to my project, investing in it as if it were her own story.

She is a strategic thinker who is also a true creative.

The brand identity design that she did for me really reflects took the time she took to understand my intentions and goals and to help me reach them.

therncrowndesign - shepherdofthevalley.png

- Jeff Pearson | SHEPHERD of the VALLEY CHURCH

From our first meeting with Celeste, I knew we were in good hands.

She immediately focused the discussion on branding, website functionality and overall strategy.

She helped us envision possibilities far beyond our initial ideas, and then she DELIVERED.

northerncrowndesign - cecilywhiteside - soracreative.png

- Cecily Whiteside | SORA CREATIVE CONTENT

I have worked with Celeste on several projects, and in every instance, she has come to the table with insights, ideas, and practical solutions to every puzzle that I have ever put in front of her.

Her understanding of the way people interact with content on a website is remarkable and way beyond any other designer that I have ever interacted with.

Celeste created an experience for my clients that helped increase my visibility and bump up my bottom line.

northerncrowndesign - fostercareofmesacounty.png

- Angeline Roles | MESA COUNTY DHS

Celeste is very detailed oriented and does exhaustive research to create the perfect messaging & visual design.

Our Foster Care website is beautiful and functional, thanks to Celeste's work.

She has an exquisite eye for detail and function. I LOVE her work.

northerncrowndesign - drumlove.png

- Dave Rogers | DRUM LOVE

Celeste was amazing to work with and is incredibly knowledgeable.

I came to her with a brain full of ideas, going in a million directions. She helped me make sense of the jumbled mess in my mind.

I left our conversation focused and with a list of easy to implement action items that immediately helped my business become better and stronger.

northerncrowndesign - cathy-weiss - intuitiveenergyguide.png


I'm so happy with my new website.

I immediately began booking new clients at premium rates.

Celeste showed me how I could pull traffic from my Instagram account into my website. I am now getting opt-ins from Instagram and that is new for me.

Celeste thought through all the features and pre-planned for my SEO needs. She did a great job and really took the time to ensure all the little details were taken care of.

northerncrowndesign - testimonial.png

- Greg Olson | GROWL AGENCY

Our client LOVED the design solutions that Celeste introduced.

She translated a complex product idea into simple and easy to implement design solutions.

I really liked how she presented the concepts also. They were easy to understand and communicate with the project stakeholders.